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Bruce Springsteen
This is a community for Bruce Springsteen fans. It was created by mandamanda in August 2002 and is moderated and maintained by her. wends is also a moderator and maintainer.


1. *The Rule of Thumb for Posting* TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Do not "flame" or make unkind remarks about another member of this community.
2. State your opinion in a respectful manner. While you are allowed to criticize albums, etc., do not say that anything "sucks", etc.
3. Be respectful of others' opinions. If you disagree with someone, you may state why you do but do not tell them that their opinion isn't valid. You have your opinion, they have theirs.
4. This is obviously a Springsteen community, but you may discuss other topics that are relevant, for example, bands that you think members may like. Do not tell us about your personal life unless you are talking about a concert, memories of Springsteen-related events, etc.
5. Please keep swearing, etc. to a minimum out of respect for others.
6. If you are going to post an excessively long entry or a picture, please use the LJ cut tag.
7. Any post that I feel is inappropriate will be deleted. If I feel it is necessary, you will be removed from the community.
8. Due to recent spamming, new members will have to be approved by a moderator to prevent spammers from joining. If we accidentally think you are a spammer and deny you membership, please email us!

I think that these are pretty simple rules to follow. They also apply to any comments made on anyone's posts. PLEASE don't make me have to delete a post or remove you from the community! Also, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment or email me.

[Updated 8/20/07]

Founded and Moderated by mandamanda

Affiliated with brucelegs and rt_fans

Est. August 23, 2002