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Clarence Clemons dies of complications from stroke

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such a sad day. i am listening to jungleland. has such beautiful sax work in it by the big man...
I wouldn't be surprised if Jungleland was the most listened song on various music services today. This news completely knocked down my mood this weekend. :/
RIP Big Man. ♥

This makes me so sad, omg :(
Very very sad :(( The E Street band won't be the same without the Big Man :((((((
RIP Big Man!
RIP "BIG MAN" You Will Always be A LEGEND. You Were The Best Sax Player I ever Heard,Your Sax Solos Brought Me & LOTS Of Others LOTS OF JOY. I`ve Cried N Cried,I Can`t seem to Stop Crying Every Time I Think Of Lossing Clarence & Danny. "It Was AN " IMMESHERABLE LOSS",Just like Bruce Said. Friendship & Peace To All. cindi